La puissance est dans celui qui le porte

Jan Solfronk Vice Mister Europe muse of Akobra


The Akobra brand is in collaboration with professional athletes such as Jeremy pied soccer player

OUR histoRY

AKOBRA was born after our founder AICHA became frustrated with the fact that the men's swimwear market was not exposed enough compared to the women's market. It became clear that the only way to cater to a growing market of men who wanted to be stylish and sporty was to take matters into their own hands. And that's how Akobra was created with its online store.

OUR mission

At AKOBRA we want to make it possible for men to look powerful while remaining elegant and sporty with our quality fabrics. We give people who want to opt for a stylish and sporty but still unique way to wear their swimsuit for competition but also for leisure. Whether it is for a relaxing moment or for a sporting event, the Akobra swimsuit is the one you need. We want to break the norms that dictate mainstream men’s fashion .

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